Ep31. Ross Bentley On Developing Your Performance State Of Mind

For this show Samir Abid is delighted to welcome back Ross Bentley. One of my earliest guests from way back in episode 3, Ross is a former top level Indycar driver who now works as one of the worlds foremost driver coaches through his speed secrets brand. The topic for this show is about understanding and developing a performance state of mind for your track driving. As ever with Ross Bentley the show is packed full of practical, actionable tips and tricks you can try to help you drive faster. So as ever, grab a pen, grab a coffee, sit back and lets here what Ross has to say.

[5:07] What is a performance state of mind?

[11:21] “Car Dancing” 

[18:52] Surprising discovery when we measured heart rate

[29:37] How to focus on your driving strengths.

[35:54] Reprogramming your mental model of “what is a race driver” to then drive faster

Links mentioned in the show:

– Contact Ross Bentley https://speedsecrets.com/

– Article on drivers heart rate discussed https://www.yourdatadriven.com/how-high-does-a-race-drivers-heart-rate-go/

– Learn motorsports data analysis https://www.yourdatadriven.com/the-complete-beginners-guide-to-motorsports-data-analysis/

Perfectly setup your racecar. Master data analysis. Drive faster @ https://www.yourdatadriven.com