Ep30. Karun Chandhok On Driving A Grand Prix Car From Every Decade

Ex-F1 driver and @SkySportsF1 analysis guru Karun Chandhok (@karunchandhok) joins us on the show. Karun Chandhok has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of motorsports! Karun is one of only 2 Indian drivers to ever race in F1 and has arguably gone on to make an even greater impact on our sport through his work in the media, with Williams F1’s (@WilliamsRacing) heritage team, as a Director at Motorsports UK (@OurMotorsportUK) and even as a race track designer (with @Mrk1Consulting & @DrivenInt). 

As possibly the only person on the planet who has driven a Grand Prix car from every decade, in this show Karun shares with you his experiences and his best insights on how to get the most from your driving. Its a fascinating show and I hope you enjoy listening to what Karun has to say.

[5:41] Karting to keep fit in F1

[8:25] What makes a great racing driver?

[12:39] Where are the coaches in racing?

[21:45] How to design a better race track

[31:03] Even the best drivers are constantly learning

Links mentioned in the show:

– Contact Karun Chandhok https://en.karunchandhok.com/

– Also on social media https://twitter.com/karunchandhok

– Learn motorsports data analysis https://www.yourdatadriven.com/the-complete-beginners-guide-to-motorsports-data-analysis/

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