Ep3. Tips For Racing Faster – with Ross Bentley

Legendary Indy racecar driver, author and driver coach Ross Bentley joins us for a fascinating, fast paced show, packed full of useful, actionable tips you can use to improve your own racecar driving.

Episode Notes

Ever wondered what value a driver coach could offer to you?

Join us to find out as legendary driver coach, and former professional IndyCar racecar driver, Ross Bentley talks about all things driver coaching and driver improvement.

This show is packed full of his invaluable tips, recommendations and key takeaways, born from years of coaching racing car drivers (just like you) to improve.

From understanding what makes the differences for those at the very top level (braking) to how to do a better debrief after a session (find 1 thing help you go faster), along with many (many) other insights that you can easily put into practise today.

Relevant for both real racing AND sim racing drivers.

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