Ep25. Scott Drawer On Marginal Gains And Insights Into How Olympic Sports Teams Operate

Scott Drawer has working at UK Sport, England Rugby, Team Sky and is currently Director of Sport at Millfield School – where Lando Norris went to school!

He joins us on the show to share his story and give you an insight into how top sport teams operate.

Scott Drawer lifts the lid on the myths around marginal gains and gives you the real context behind how you can benefit from the best performance planning philosophies.

A fast paced show that gives you an outside perspective, a new ways of thinking and insight into how you can learn from how top athletes prepare.

[7:29] What people never understand about “Marginal Gains” (and why that’s relevant in motorsports)

[20:10] Characteristics of multiple champions: Defining goals and finding your game face!

[22:42] Role, definition and value of coaches and coaching.

[26:02] Coping with nerves: Pressure as a privilege. Breathing skills.

[30:40] Practising every element of performance

Links mentioned in the show

– Scott Drawer on linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-drawer-a1578b4

– Millfield School https://www.millfieldschool.com/

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