Ep24. Andrea Quintarelli On Succeeding With Racecar Simulation In LMP2

Andrea Quintarelli, a pro automotive engineer, joins us on the show to talk about his work using simulation, simulators and working with CORE Autosports. A fascinating insight into how you can use or approach using simulation to get your racecar in the best performance “window.”

[5:46] Why simulation?

[8:24] Where do you start with simulation?

[19:54] Giving yourself confidence in setup and driving

[37:12] Applying Deliberate Practise techniques from Olympic sports coaching

[41:11] Getting the most from the driver

Links mentioned in the show:

– Andrea’s blog https://drracing.wordpress.com/

– Jeff Braun’s show https://www.yourdatadriven.com/ep20-coffee-and-race-engineering-with-jeff-braun/

– Aris Vasilakos’s show https://www.yourdatadriven.com/ep14-how-you-can-get-the-most-from-sim-racing-with-assetto-corsas-aris-vasilakos/