Ep23. Claude Rouelle On The Importance Of Understanding Why You Won

Claude Rouelle, a well known motorsports engineer, joins us on the show to give us some of his best tips and tricks for getting maximum performance from your racecar. Claude Rouelle’s passion however is to get you thinking like and engineer. To ask why and then to give you the tools to find an answer. Its a fast paced show this one!

[2:02] Claude Rouelle’s early career

[11:10] Dealing with mis-information around the paddock

[18:30] What kind of data should you start with?

[33:33] How to interpret IR tyre temperature data

[38:51] The cheapest way to get performance on the car

Links mentioned in the show:

– Claude Rouelle company website https://optimumg.com/

– How to set your tyre pressures perfectly every time – https://www.yourdatadriven.com/how-to-set-your-racing-car-tyre-pressures-perfectly-every-time/

Perfectly setup your racecar. Master data analysis. Drive faster @ https://www.yourdatadriven.com