Ep10. “Some Say” He Was Flat Out & Flat Broke with Perry McCarthy Ex-F1 Driver & The Original Stig.

Ex-Formula 1 racing driver Perry McCarthy, who is best known as The Original Stig, joins us on the show to talk about the life of a professional racing driver, what it takes to get to the top and what you can learn to help your own race car driving.

Episode Notes

What does it take to make it to Formula 1? What can you do to help your own driving?

Perry McCarthy’s professional racing career is as inspiring as it is frustrating. Blessed with natural talent we can all only dream of and with the guts and determination to follow his dream, Perry never seemed to be in the right place with the right funding behind him.

In this fascinating show we discuss his life as a professional racing driver rising through the ranks. What it took and what Perry believes is essential for any racing driver to do in order to perform better.

Perry is most famous for being The Original Stig in Top Gear, whilst also driving for Audi at Le Mans. He shares some funny stories about what the Stig was almost called instead. It was an honour to have him on the show. I hope the thoughts and perspectives shared in the show can help improve your own race driving.

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