Ep1. Mental Performance In Racing – with Andrew Cohen-Wray

What can you learn from how Formula 1 driver psychologist Andrew Cohen-Wray prepares the best in the sport? Join Samir Abid for this inaugural episode as he puts the myths to bed and gives you actionable tips to improve your racing performance.

Episode Notes

Mental performance coaching is traditionally looked down upon in Motorsports. In nearly all other professional sports domains mental coaching is seen as essential. In this inaugural episode we are honoured to welcome Andrew Cohen-Wray to talk about how he works with professional racing drivers.

We learn the approaches he uses and how you can apply them yourself in several practical situations you might encounter. Also discussed is how to operate outside the cockpit, for both the driver but also the supporting crew – engineers, team managers, parents and friends.

Join us for this light hearted conversation on a critically under appreciated side of motorsports performance.

Links mentioned in the show:

– Contact Andrew at 1404 Performance – https://1404performance.com/

– Andrew supports charity Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

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