About YDD

Hi, Samir Abid here.

Based in the UK, I’m a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Warwick MBA and run a successful Sports Data Analytics consultancy (Pace Insights).

I’m also a racer.

Motorsport is my hobby, my passion and has occasionally been my day job too.

The aim here at Your Data Driven, is to share what I have found worked (and what didn’t) in order to help you tackle some of the real problems we face going racing.

It can be really tough to get the best from this complex sport, especially when we don’t have an army of professional engineers supporting us.

I see my contribution being around how you (as a driver or someone running a small team) can answer many of the technical questions you may have.

The aim always: to help you become more competitive and thus get more from your racing.

Hopefully by sharing my experiences, I can help you (even in some small way) to improve yours.

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