Ep22. Driven By Data With AiM Guru Matt Romanowski

Matt Romanowski joins us to talk all things data. As one of the leading AiM dealers in the USA Matt shares his best tips and perspectives about how you can get more success and more fun from your racing, driving and track time. This show is far from being only about data, with Matt Romanowski sharing both his history and connection with Porsche, together with his best tips for coaching – including self-coaching.

Full of passion for our sport, having driven some of the best race cars on the planets, wait until you get to the end and he reveals what he really wants to race next! 

[11:55] How you can use data to workout what to do next.

[32:20] How do you approach coaching? Do you need a coach?

[39:31] “I’m flat out there”

[45:07] Starting out and paying it back.

49.43 Final takeaways

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